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Luxury pH Liquid Soap & Shampoo
your skin will never feel so good

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pH balanced


with a pH of 5 - 5.5 this soap protects the skins acid mantle which acts as a barrier to bacteriaviruses and other potential contaminants that may penetrate the skin.  

Skin and hair is left feeling gently cleansed, moisturised and smelling amazing.


 Ideal for all hair type including colour treated hair 
Does not strip the hair or scalp of natural oils by keeping the cuticle sealed.

A luxury full body and hair wash with organic essential oils.

Made without the use of sulphates, silicones or synthetic fragrance.


Our wellness range has 96% plant based ingredients with the finest essential oils.

Each essential oil has its own unique essence which carries with it a set of powerful benefits for your mind, body and spirit.

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